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Direct from a little workshop somewhere in the depths of Yorkshire, England, Yonderbosk creations are an eclectic mix of woodwork, electronics and art, from this single-owner “Bloke in a Shed” small business, offering a mixture of bespoke one-off creations and a selection of stock items.

Sovereign Pickups

Recreations of the legendary Tri-Sonic pickup, with custom-made magnets and air-coils, giving the tonal characteristics of the pickups used on Brian May’s legendary Red Special guitar.

BC149 ‘Orange Label’ Treble Booster

Available as either an “As New” build, or Relic’d and weathered to replicate the condition of the original ‘orange label’ Treble Booster unit.

Vintage Elac Speakers

Available standard or modified, these vintage Elac speakers will complement a bookshelf speaker cabinet and ‘Deacish’ or ‘Conquest’ amplifier board.

The ‘Deacish’ Amplifier

Available as a board-only, or as a fully completed circuit, ready to attach to a speaker

‘Hybrid’ Jean-Renaud Style Switchcraft Switches

These ‘hybrid’ plastic actuators fits a Switchcraft, but looks like a Jean Renaud. Available as full switches or just the actuator.

The ‘Conquest’ Supersonic PR-80 Style Amplifier

Based on the original circuit from the Supersonic PR-80 radio, this uses a mixture of NOS vintage and modern equivalent components to the original, together with off-the-shelf transformers, to recreate as closely as possible the look and sound of the original.

Hand crafted and assembled in strictly limited quantities, this would be a perfect companion to a vintage Elac 6″ woofer and 4″ tweeter and a bookshelf speaker cabinet of your own choosing.

The Legendary Deacy Amp Recreation

Based on the original ‘Deacy’ amplifier built by John Deacon and used by Brian May on numerous Queen recordings, this recreation used a hand-built chipboard and mahogany veneer cabinet, a recreation PR-80 amplifier circuit, vintage Elac speakers and genuine ICI Vynair grille cloth of the same type as the original.

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