BC149 ‘Orange Label’ Treble Booster Relic

A sonic blast from the past

Based on the original BC149 treble booster used by Brian May in the 70’s and 80’s, this pedal uses a custom replica circuit board and components of the original values, using a genuine NOS BC149 / BC149C transistor to help recreate those classic tones.

Relic’d to recreate the last known condition of the original, this pedal will complement your Red Special guitar and speaker chain. I find this booster particularly good in front of a Deacy-style amp.

Genuine NOS BC149 / BC149C Transistor

As used in the original and specifically selected for the correct gain (hFE) range to bring out the best tone.

The BC149 and BC149C are electronically identical, the only difference being that the BC149C comes in a higher gain range as standard.

Original-style circuit board

The circuit board used in this booster is of the same design as the original. A modern PCB can be specified as an alternative.

All boards will be ‘gooped’, with holographic anti-tamper seals.


Correct-style Dymo labels and enclosure aged and worn to replicate the known condition of the original ‘Orange Label’ booster.

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