‘Hybrid’ Switches

The original Jean-Renaud switches used on on Brian May’s Red Special are extremely hard to come by these days, and if you do find any of the correct type, they are usually highly expensive.

CAD designed by Doug Short, these actuators combine the bottom half of a standard Switchcraft 11A1255X switch – used by many on modern Red Special replicas – and the top shaft of the same design and dimensions as the Jean-Renaud originals.

Available in an off-white colour, these are a direct replacement for the white plastic actuators on the Switchcraft, and give the illusion of Jean-Renauds being fitted to your Red Special.

Available in sets of six as actuators (For those who feel confident to replace them on their own switches) or as a set of six ready-modified switches for those who don’t want the hassle of building their own.

Replacement Actuators

Designed as a direct replacement for the plastic actuators in the Switchcraft 11A1255X DPDT switches, these are available separately if you want to modify your own set of switches.

Some minor adjustment / sanding may be required dependent on the condition of your existing switches.

Available only in sets of 6 actuators.

Complete Switches

Starting with genuine original Switchcraft 11A1255X DPDT switches, these are carefully dismantled and the hybrid plastic actuator fitted.

Available with or without the “click” action, the actutator is very slightly off-white.

They are then manually checked and adjusted, then fully tested for continuity before I will say that I am happy for them to be sent out.

Available only in sets of 6 switches.

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