Red Special Parts

Recreation TCC ‘Metalmite’ Capacitors

Almost impossible to find these days, the original Red Special used a TCC ‘Metalmite’ CP33N paper-in-oil as its tone capacitor. Nominally .022uF, the one in the original guitar has drifted much closer to .033uF over the years.

Therefore, I recreated these capacitors using an aged aluminium shell, with a modern polyester .033uF capacitor inside, and rubber bungs to seal the end. This results in a cosmetic replica for those who want the look of the original but the stability of a modern capacitor.

Hybrid Switch Set

The original Red Special used Jean-Renaud switches, which are another thing which are virtually impossible to find these days. Most people currently tend to use Switchcraft switches in their builds.

These switches are the “best of both worlds”, offering the availability and quality of the modern Switchcraft, but utilising a 3D printed replacement plastic actuator with a shaft of the same style and dimensions as the original Jean-Renaud switches to give that authentic look through the pickguard.

Hybrid Switch Actuators

As used in the fully assembled switches above.

If you already have a set of Switchcraft switches, and are happy to do the work yourself, then the 3D printed plastic actuators are available in sets of 6 for you to swap over yourself.

These are specifically designed to fit the Switchcraft switches with the part number 11A1255X, although they may fit other models.