Due to the overwhelming popularity of these pickups (And the fact that there’s only little ol’ me here to make the things), the waiting list for Sovereign pickups has temporarily been closed whilst I catch up with current orders and source more parts.

Once the waiting list is back open, it will be announced on this page

Based on the legendary Tri-Sonic pickup, these modern replicas are built to closely match the characteristics of the pickups used on Brian May’s Red Special guitar.

Wound and assembled using the same style of construction as the 1960’s originals, together with custom-made Isotropic Ceramic magnets, vintage-style covers and bases, these are much closer in specification and construction to the ones currently found on Brian May’s Red Special guitar than currently available mass-produced commercial alternatives.

Using a non-ferrous baseplate on the neck pickup reduces the inductance to contribute to that May tone, especially when using the neck and middle pickups out-of-phase (Think ‘first solo on bohemian Rhapsody’).

Yonderbosk Sovereign ‘RS Spec’ Specifications

The ‘RS Spec’ pickups feature;

– Cotton-wrapped home-spun air coils
– Custom 2-piece Isotropic Ceramic magnets per pickup
– Textured rubber insert
– Custom made chromed brass covers engraved with YB Sovereign logo
– Custom made Steel bases (Bridge and Middle pickups)
– Low-inductance base (Neck pickup)
– Middle pickup Reverse Polarity & Reverse Wound
– Wax potted to reduce microphonics

Modern or Vintage styles.
What’s the Difference?

The hand assembed coils and custom ceramic magnets are the same across both versions. The difference only relates to the covers and bases. Together, these differences result in overall height of ~11mm for the Vintage style pickups, compared to ~15mm for the Modern style.

The Modern covers are taller than the Vintage ones, and are of a design similar to the Tri-Sonic style pickups found on the official version of the Red Special from Brian May Guitars, and modern stand-alone official Burns branded pickups, and are therefore simplest for a direct replacement for these models.

The Vintage covers are made to replicate the design and height of Tri-Sonics produced in the 1960s, with slightly larger holes, thinner brass and lover height.

The Vintage bases also have shorter legs and the six ‘rivet holes’ of the 1960s.

(Modern left, Vintage Right in all photos)

What are the Sovereign pickups like?

To see my Sovereign pickups in action, there is a Queen tribute artist who is currently using them and regularly posts their recordings on the Internet.

Thomas Brunkard, guitarist for Qween has a set of Sovereigns fitted to his converted ‘transition model’ Brian May Guitars Special. Take a look at some of his videos on his YouTube channel;

A demonstration of the Yonderbosk Sovereign pickups by Thomas Brunkard
The pickups are fitted to a converted BMG/Burns ‘transition’ Red Special, and played through AmpliTube

Customisation Options

Below are just some of the many customisation options available to
make the pickups truly your own

(Additional charges may apply for customised builds)

Gold Coloured Covers

Gold-coloured chrome finish on standard brass covers

Custom Engraving

Custom engraving of your own company, name, or pretty much anything you want†

Custom Specification

Winding to a specified DCR? Different magnets? Alternative covers? Don’t want a low-inductance baseplate on the neck? Let’s talk!

†Some exclusions apply.
For example, there’s no way I’ll be putting ‘ADESON’, ‘BMG SUPER’ or Brian May’s signature on a set of these for anyone, no matter how much you ask!

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