The Conquest

Supersonic PR-80 Style Amplifier

A modern recreation of the circuit board from the Supersonic PR-80 ‘Conquest’ radio, found in a skip by John Deacon and added to a bookshelf speaker to create the ‘Deacy’ amp, since used by Brian May on many Queen recordings.

Recreated using a custom-made circuit board of the same layout as the original and a mixture of vintage NOS components and their modern equivalents, together with off-the-shelf transformers and specially selected AC125, AC126 and AC128 germanium transistors, this board aims to recreate the sound and look of the 1960’s original.

‘The Conquest’ is available in two versions;
– The Relic – Paxolin-colour painted PCB and NOS vintage capacitors with hand-made slide variable resistor
– The Modern – ‘Natural’ coloured PCB and modern capacitors with modern ‘trim-pot’ variable resistor

Both versions have the following features;
– Off-the-shelf Hammond transformers
– NOS AC125, AC126 and AC128 germanium transistors of selected values
– Hand made aluminium ‘bridge’ heatsink
– Input wiring and mono guitar jack socket
– Output wires to connect to your own speaker
– Twin-piece blue PP9 battery connectors as on the original Deacy amp

The Modern

The Relic

Strictly limited availability

Built to order, so lead times will be discussed individually

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