The ‘Deacish’ amplifier board allows you to build your own ~1W practice amp, with a sound in the style of the Deacy amp.

Based on published schematics from a well-known Deacy-style amp, this board is pre-labelled with details of all the components which you will need to build your own amplifier circuit, which you can then attach to a speaker of your choice (Or one of our own modified vintage Elac speakers) and pop it all inside a speaker cabinet.

Add power via a 9v battery, a Red Special guitar and a Treble Booster into the mix and away you go…..

If you are reasonably confident at soldering, then you can order an unpopulated PCB and fill it with the correct parts and your own choice of transistors and audio transformers (Eagle, Sowter, Hammond, Xicon, etc.).

Alternatively, you can buy a completed amplifier board, which comes fully assembled and tested ready to connect to a speaker, guitar and battery.

Board Only

The base PCB for building your own amplifier circuit.

Just the board. No components, wires or connectors

Fully Assembled Amplifier Board

A fully completed amplifier circuit, ready to connect to a speaker, add a 9V battery, a Red Special guitar and Treble Booster.

– All input, output and power wiring
– Hammond audio transformers
– Carefully selected AC125, AC126 and AC128 transistors
– Guitar input jack
– 9V battery connectors

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