Yonderbosk Recreation Deacy Amp Relic

A hand-made recreation of the Legendary Deacy Amp

Hand built using the same type of materials and components as the original, and “relic’d” to mimic the current known condition of the original, the Relic Deacy Amp is possibly the closest you will get to owning the original.

Available to Order – POA

Construction & Electronic Details

A custom-made circuit board with the same layout as the original, populated with selected NOS vintage capacitors of the same or close values to the original schematic

Genuine AC125, AC126 and AC128 Germanium transistors of selected values, a hand-made wire-wound slide resistor and selected transformers with aluminium heatsink bridge

Genuine ICI Vynair grille cloth of the same design as the original, together with custom printed labels on the top side

Blue PP9 battery connectors

Paper and gaffer tape stickers on the back panel, with 6.35mm guitar jack and PP9 battery power cable and connectors

Correct-font “S/N 077” Dymo label

Genuine vintage Elac speakers, modified to match the look and style of the original’s 6RM/202 and TW4/17 speakers*

Plessey crossover capacitor**

Hand built chipboard cabinet, stapled pine beading and African mahogany veneer

Whole cabinet stained, sanded and “relic’d” to mimic the most recent known condition of the original

* Due to availability of good quality vintage Elac speakers, the woofers used are modified 6RM Elac drivers of the correct style basket and magnet, with a whizzer cone added, and painted in a matching blue/grey colour. 4″ tweeters are TW4/16. Both speakers are stamped with the model numbers of the original. These speakers are generally 8ohm impedence, whereas the originals are 15ohm.

** Genuine vintage Plessey capacitor casing with a modern electrolytic capacitor inside

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