Vintage Elac Speakers

Following a lot of investigation and searching, I have managed to acquire a small number of different genuine vintage Elac speakers – The same English company who made the speakers in the Deacy Amp cabinet.

Whilst not the exact same model as used in the Deacy Amp, these speakers can help to bring you closer to the original’s construction and tone, as a result of their thin ‘scratchy’ paper cones with paper surrounds and vintage voicing.

Both 6″ woofers and 4″ tweeters are available, either in their original state or customised to be closer to the original.

Below are the details of the speakers I have located over many months which are currently for sale.

Prices are for the un-modified speaker. Modification costs are also listed below.

Please note: These are genuine 1960’s Elac (Made in England) speakers, and as such are in a “used” condition. They show signs of their age and wear, but are fully tested as working before sale. If you want to see the actual speaker(s) you would be buying beforehand, then please contact me and I can supply some photos.

Woofer 1

A 15 Ohm impedance single-cone Elac woofer, with the same impedence value and metal basket style as the original, but a smaller ‘bell shaped’ magnet.
(Model 6HE/149)

Can be converted to a dual-cone and painted.

In Stock

Tweeter 1

An 8 Ohm impedance single cone Elac tweeter of the same physical design as the original.
(Model TW4/16 or TW4/28)

No modifications available.

Out of Stock

Woofer 2

An 8 Ohm impedance single-cone Elac woofer with the same metal basket and magnet type as the original.
(Model 6RM/191 or 6RM/202)

Can be converted to a dual-cone and painted.

Out of Stock

Modification Options


Speaker basket painted to a grey / blue similar to the original Elac speaker colour.

Whizzer Cone Addition

Addition of a paper “Whizzer cone” to convert the speaker into a ‘dual-cone’ speaker similar to the original speaker in the Deacy.

Let’s build something together.

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